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Primary school Chinese teacher

At present, Xiangshang is occupying the market with a great market advantage. The market demand and share determine the speed of the enterprise. We not only have a professional and wolf like sales team; we know that products can lead us further and higher. We can not only get an ideal income, but also you will be our partner, Let's create an elephant that belongs to you and me.

Subject teacher

Job responsibilities:

1) According to the students' situation, we can independently develop effective competition guidance scheme for students, carry out personalized course teaching, provide high-quality teaching service for students, and improve their performance;

2) Participate in teaching, research and lesson preparation activities to improve the professional level;

3) They are good at teaching students according to their aptitude;

4) Cooperate with educational consultants and educational administration teachers to provide services for students and parents to improve customer satisfaction.


1) Bachelor degree or above, standard Mandarin, elegant appearance and affinity;

2) Have good professional ethics and service consciousness of teachers, love education and teaching work, love students, be a teacher and be a model;

3) Strong communication and expression skills, clear lectures, humorous, interactive, can teach students according to their aptitude and inspire teaching;

4) Love, patience, sense of responsibility, strong resistance to pressure, strong execution;

5) Have the teacher qualification certificate of corresponding discipline;

6) Well known chain institutions are preferred, and 211 / 985 colleges and universities enjoy high salaries and full-time postgraduates / international students are preferred.

fringe benefits:

1) During the working period, parents can get 300-800 yuan of pension every month;

2) Pay social security and provident fund in accordance with the relevant national regulations, and pay five insurances and one fund upon employment;

3) The leading proportion of bonus in the education industry;

4) multiple campuses in Shanghai, with working address arranged nearby;

5) Professional and strict training system: induction training, teaching training, sharing training, simulation training, audit training;

(top in-service personnel in the industry lead teachers to speak and strict examination and assessment system)

6) Fair and rapid promotion system; (the company is in the expansion period, with an average promotion period of 6-9 months)

7) The education industry has a pure and positive team atmosphere;

8) There are many League building activities: Monthly campus activities, quarterly regional activities, and annual group tourism;

9) Annual leave will be provided, and one day will be added for each full year of service.

Primary school Chinese teacher(图1)

On Monday, Tuesday and double weekends, regular teaching and research work in the headquarters on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and attend classes in the campus on Friday and Saturday.

Take five days off, Monday and Tuesday, 10:00-18:00 on Wednesday and Thursday, 12:00-20:00 / 10:00-18:00 on Friday, and 8:30-19:00 on Saturday and Sunday

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