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Primary school teacher / Chinese / English / math teacher / online tutor (full time)

[note]: do not recruit part-time jobs, teachers who do not meet the following post requirements are not allowed to post them!!!

[job requirements]

1. Education background: full time undergraduate or above (excluding junior college or self-taught examination)

2. Have teacher qualification certificate / qualification certificate (no need to pass the written examination and interview for the subject grade)

3. 2 years teaching experience (including Jianzhi / tutor, etc.). If the teacher is a fresh graduate in 2020 and graduated from a normal major / excellent university, the length of teaching can be relaxed

[company profile]

Light education is a new education service institution based on Internet technology, which is the leading online education platform in China. At present, we are working with China's pioneer education enterprise tal future (XRS) to solve the needs of students looking for tutors through Internet technology, massive teachers and high standard teaching, so as to make teaching and learning more intimate, transparent and efficient, and strive to build an internet education platform trusted by teachers and students.

[recruitment position]

Primary school teacher / Chinese / English / math teacher / online tutor (full time)(图1)

Urgent recruitment of primary school language, mathematics and English teachers, junior high school / high school online teachers (Full-time) are also recruiting

[Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for the one-to-one teaching work arranged by the company

2. According to the teaching content, the actual situation of students and the law of students' cognition, the teaching procedure is designed carefully to ensure good teaching effect

3. Timely understanding of students' performance and psychological changes, timely adjustment and optimization of teaching methods

4. During the course of teaching, test activities should be organized properly to promote students to accept the effectiveness of counseling, and the teaching quality was analyzed

[position advantages]

1. Stable income: guaranteed salary (2500 probation period, 3000 full-time job), average monthly income of 8000-10000, excellent teachers up to 15000 +, five insurances and one fund + social security

2. Solid organization: the company has tens of thousands of employees, tens of thousands of teachers on the platform, hundreds of thousands of students, and has a perfect teaching tool & Teaching and research system

3. Broad promotion: teaching direction - Application for class courses; management direction - subject group management; teaching and research direction - transferring to teaching and research department

4. High degree of freedom: unlimited office location, teaching at home, high degree of time freedom

5. Good career development: online teachers have become a trend in the education industry

[working hours]

There are two days off from Monday to Thursday, working hours: 17:50-21:00 from Monday to Thursday, 16:10-21:00 on Friday, 7:00-21:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

[application process]

Meet job requirements > submit resume > HR contact > online interview > online training > job arrangement

Function category: Primary School Teachers

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